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Lara Joseph

Lara has had a lifelong interest in communications and the care of animals under human care. This passion lead to her bachelorís degree in film with the intentions of aiding in the production of wildlife documentaries. Her passion has always been in the natural behaviors and observations of what reinforces behaviors in the animalís native habitat. Through time and experience her focus has evolved to birds and in particular the reinforcers behind behaviors of our companion parrots. She has a focus for observing and working with animals that exhibit signs of aggression and abnormal repetitive behaviors, which she thinks is in abundance in the companion parrot society. Laraís passion is evolving to working with all birds. She dedicates her time and studies to bird behavior and behavior modification techniques using positive reinforcement interaction and her continuing education of masterís classes in applied behavior analysis. Lara focuses her work on taking stress out of animal environments and encounters under our care. She has consulted and creates appropriate environments based on mental stimulation and learning potential for the individual animal focusing on building trust between the animal and their caretakers.

Lara lives in Ohio where she shares her home with two cockatoos, a large macaw, an eclectus hen, an amazon and a program barred owl and American crow. She travels, lectures, consults, and presents workshops on behavior, behavior change, positive reinforcement training, and enrichment. She is also the Director of Training for the avian division at Natureís Nursery, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Whitehouse, Ohio. Here she spends numerous hours a week volunteering her time in training the program birds focusing on their birds of prey.

Over seven years ago Lara designed a line of foraging and enrichment toys that focuses on creating and shaping mental stimulation and thought processes of birds in captive environments.

Lara is a professional member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators, an active member of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, and The American Federation of Aviculture. She is the original founder of The Parrot Society of NW Ohio promoting positive reinforcement interaction and education for better welfare of companion parrots. Laraís lectures and presentations have taken her many places including the Parrot Palooza, The Philadelphia Zoo, The Parrot Loverís Cruise, Ohio State Universityís Exotic Veterinarians Club, The Long Island Parrot Society, The Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, PEAC Cleveland, and the Association for Avian Veterinarians.


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